Pretty Little Thing Post Of The Day

Khaki Rib Zip Detail Lounge Set

green 2

I had ordered this set in a size 6 and surprisingly the leggings in this co-ord do come up slightly big and unfortunately you have to buy the top and bottoms together. Depending on how you would like this to fit, I feel you would get away with ordering this one size smaller as the material is quite stretchy.

I think this outfit is great because depending on how you want to style it, you could wear this with heels, boots or trainers as they are flared you cant really see the shoe. For me personally, I would wear it with trainers or pumps. Its the type of outfit you would feel comfortable just chilling with bae in.

It’s a shame you can’t buy these items separately but I would still rate this outfit 5/5 as it looks great!!!



Click the link to shop this look >Co-Ord<

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